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in BrianHarris96 chart Jul 15, 2021 at 08:10
Nothing new from Powell, sticking to the same narrative around inflation and tapering, US yields backed off the previous day’s highs and the dollar sold off marginally, although I think overall the market is tired of trying to figure out the narrative around the Fed and inflation as we persist in very familiar ranges in the majors. What I would say is that although we saw a blowout in terms of fixed income sentiment and potentially a longer term low in yields in place last week, there is nothing to suggest we reverse in a straight line, and we are perhaps in a lower range for the foreseeable future. Couple that with continued concern around the delta variant and near term growth concerns, personally think the trading stance should be somewhat defensive and am expressing that via being bearish usdjpy and cross jpy. Whilst uncomfortable over CPI, usdjpy held where it had to on the rebound and now trades heavy, am running a combination of usdjpy, eurjpy and audjpy. Elsewhere I struggle to really have much conviction as things remain quite choppy and with sentiment overall feeling a bit sour there’s a general reluctance to have too much risk for the time being. In the euro, there really is nothing to add, it hasn’t moved for weeks now and seems to be caught between multiple themes.