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in CESTRADES chart Feb 08 2014 at 01:45
Proof that speculation is what it is. Real data, real moves the only proof. Market re-acted will massive sell-off, then re-tr acted to begin a stint upward. Traders want the dollar to perform. Is it the Fed confidence of more money prints or that the economy is secretly getting better slowly?? Days will tell the proof. I'm sidelined for a while except my position EUR/AUD
in CESTRADES chart Feb 08 2014 at 01:31
Good strong correction, ECB saved it with rather easy hawkish comments. Forming a dragonfly on the D1 chart looks good for now. Depends on AUD/EU data as always. This signs positive with traders for now.
in CESTRADES chart Feb 06 2014 at 01:37
ECB is the only thing that can saves this, ignore the economic improvements and be dovish, it will drop like a brick, acknowledge the improved data, maybe it can trade water for a while...
in CESTRADES chart Feb 04 2014 at 03:33
Get erady, when Spain releases it's un-employment numbers, if they re as good as projected, the Aussie run is over..enjoy
in CESTRADES chart Jan 25 2014 at 01:08
Decided to give this one a try. I like being able to have several different pairs so I can find the strongest vs the weakest at the right time. The issue is keeping up with all of them. Had I found this a few days earlier, I could have made several months work of pips this week. I'll be following this for a while with weakness in the CAD.
in CESTRADES chart Jan 04 2014 at 00:45
A sig dollar correction as predicted, trades went well, although a human/PC glitch; I wanted more leverage, but didn't type properly in a hurry... more lots, that always blows, It went as thought. The next few days will map a direction for the USD with many different data ricks involved and the economy...wait and see on this. The AUD is better predicted...
in CESTRADES chart Jan 04 2014 at 00:37
I have done really well on this pair over time, one of my most traded, mostly on the long side. I monitor the AUD/USD and place trades on this when holding AUD shorts. AUD has spiked mainly because of Gold! I took a long on this for a few pips on Friday to cover a bad incremental trade on the USD/JPY which didn't sell the exact trades I wanted, so I make up for it with a few easy pip reads here or there. I look for a long soon...
in CESTRADES chart Dec 29 2013 at 05:46
May be wrong, but a correction in the dollar for profits and eco data ear;y 2014, then another surge if data supports
in CESTRADES chart Dec 24 2013 at 05:09
I somehow believe in a dollar correction, but at what price? It could also be not so much dollar correction as is China data as well. 90.200 will buy aussie again, if not, 5th wave to trades till after the new year. Happy Holidays all! Happy Pips!
in CESTRADES chart Dec 18 2013 at 02:17
Time to Update all my charts back after surgery