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Posts by Ipodbob

in dragonexpertfx feed Apr 02 2019 at 07:24
Pretty sure he closes on red news etc so the performance is not indicative of leaving the EA to it's own devices.
in dragonexpertfx feed Mar 04 2019 at 07:58
No not related, I am going to load it on a cent account for a while though and see how it fairs first then may invest bigger later :) good luck
in dragonexpertfx feed Mar 03 2019 at 06:42
Why do you have $1000 when min is $5000?
in dragonexpert feed Oct 11 2016 at 06:18
I cannot even back test this ea for some reason
in dragonexpert feed Oct 09 2016 at 07:25
It's high risk so I am expecting losses this should not be hidden, the author has disapeared due to a hickup in the matrix they call forex. Totally not his fault it would blow most accounts, he should show his losses / wins regardless if he wants to sell his EA.
in dragonexpert feed Oct 09 2016 at 06:49
That's a true shame, he should show losses / profits if he wants to sell his EA it is a HIGH RISK EA which means losses will happen. GBP was a freak event so really shouldn't hide these things
in dragonexpert feed Oct 07 2016 at 10:32
Can we see your accounts again please? My demo went 40% in profit from the spike please don't hide your live account if you're trying to sell the EA.