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Thanks God, We are in position of : 75% Gain in 5 weeks, Drawdown keept under 10% Much faster than we predicted, Since we area keept evolve and adapt our algorhytm New System and Strategies Keep beeing monitored and evaluated on DAILLY BASIS Now We adding more diversifitation smoothly with new self learning machine algo, and also doin walkforward analysist on Dailly Bassis So we adding few more curency pair like EURCAD, EURNZD, USDCHF, that not correlated with our old system Thus the old system keep beeing revised continuilly, Wich perform good we keept adding position with a bit higher risk. While the lower perform we keept running with lower risk, while maintaining the self learning and walkforward until we satisfied. The End Results is, we keep pushing the equity drawdonw lower, while Equity Curve Smoother in REAL LIFE TRADING Happy Profits, Happy Trading
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50% PROFIT - IN ALMOST ONE MONTH - WITH 7% DD Dear Traders and Investor, Thanks to the market and our hardwork paid off this week. OUR ADAPTIVE TECHNOLOGY TRADING SYSTEM IN POSITION OF : 50% PROFIT - WITH EQUITY MAXED 7% DD, in LESS than one month. We are twice step ahead from our two month targetted goals WITH "NO SINGLE DAY" IN LOSS.! We create the algorhytm not just in single code and done. And we never sell Our System as EA Since We continuing to adapt developed the Algorhytm to keep up with current markets condition. New Pair was added, like USDCHF, GBPUSD And soon You will see CHFJPY and EURJPY took the trades too. We keep mixing the Moneymanagement and Risk Management Further to suppressed Drawdown, while maximizing Equity Growht Remember, this Adaptive Algorhytm is not 100% TECHNICAL, But its read and calculated FUNDAMENTAL ANALYIST of EACH Curency NB : New Surprise will coming soon to push the Break Even Point (100% Profit) FASTER, HAPPY PROFIT, HAPPY TRADING
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Algorhytm basis, optimized all day Keepup with current market condition Running Multiple Private PAMM
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Updating system Reversal Entry Trader Highest price calculated per daily bar for sell entry Lowest price calculated per daily bar for buy entry aiming 5-20 pips per position max per pair opened 4 trade drawdown maxed 20-25% and cut loss will be done by 15%
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