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Posts by PSantos

in choilun123 feed Jun 21 2016 at 22:30
Hello So, You wrote: --"So if you want robots based on this strategy, message me, I will give them to you to you for free. " But the number in your chart is all DOWN... Well, I'm curious about: may be all EAs are like the (losser ) Doug EAs ??? Regards
in krenatus feed Dec 14 2015 at 07:35
Quem é o amigo que solicita link?
in ForexPro feed Apr 18 2015 at 05:46
Hi.. I didnt undetand your acid commnets about DOUG PRICE... I've a EA from him, running fine, profiterable... and now, a new PIVOT "on air"... after read your comments I'm worry.. There are informations I don't know.. Of course, I'm a newbye. So, to understand more about products I need to ear the olders and harders MKs. Regards