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in Forexprofit2016 feed Feb 01 2016 at 08:15
did you stop ? no trades in a long time are beiing posted.
in ForexScotty feed Feb 01 2016 at 08:06
You are correct. I do have the same plan because of the martingale recovery. At a certain point, half of the profit will be pulled and placed in a standby account. This allows me to have a instant backup trading account and allows the main account the opportunity to continue its growth from your signals. This is a great project! I created the standby account online last week. It was easy using tradersway. Same as you. its perfect for us USA clients. Im at work now, but I was using the analysing options on mt4 to reveiw the trades, and it was beautiful on the graph. Profit factor was 4.06 , percent of growth was up to 67% in only 2 weeks ( including weekends). Every weekend I check my signals tab and look at the Renew option, so I dont forget to renew once Im closer to the end of my 30 days. Id post my growth chart but IM at work and dont have the option from here. I have several others ( friend and family, co workers ) who are interested in this new project. None have any mt4 experience yet. Recomended this broker and this m yfxbook web site to follow you and to get comforatable reading about how forex works, leverage and the risks involved. Im usually crusing the forums here and fx factory and playing chess on 3 boards at the same time Im watching tv with the wife. My new HP laptop has 8 gigs of ram and is set aside for only use for MT4 signals from you. Its only for forex. Its not the fastest out there, but its new and its reliable. I dont use it for any thing other than that. I do use team viewer on my smart phone to pop in and look at my remote pc a few times a day. Once I figure out how to find the invester password I lost, I will post my live growth chart. Your focus on this new project is amazing. P53
in ForexScotty feed Jan 23 2016 at 09:46
Looking great!!! Amazing profits on your signal. Thanks. Paid for my signal in less than 4 days.