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Posts by Ron2507

in raulfx feed Dec 10 2012 at 14:30
how r u doing?
in 4xninjainvest feed Feb 29 2012 at 14:24
Hi, I got the same mail. and I got also a mail:Hi, you get your money until we get the GCG broker. That they are forex scammers, they wait to be on our account a lot of money and then withdraw for themselves. We have evidence of money transfers to their liqpay account. We applied a refund of money, now we wait until 10 March 2012 to resolve.
in 4xninjainvest feed Feb 29 2012 at 14:21
CHEATING, CHEATING, CHEATING, all of this website is CHEATING. Pls contact me at myfxbook (Ron2507) because we can do something against these cheating people
in 4xninjainvest feed Feb 09 2012 at 11:20
Hi, ich habe heute einen Withdraw, per Mail, angemeldet und darauf hin wurde mein Konto gelöscht. Hat jemand positive Erfahrungen mit diesen Betrügern gemacht?
in omiyage feed Dec 09 2011 at 08:18
pls contact me at [email protected] or skype: ronald.franz