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in FCVAlpha feed Feb 08 2014 at 10:12
Hi mate. I just answered your question above.
in FCVAlpha feed Feb 08 2014 at 10:12
If you ask yourself what happened to Alpha Managed Fund 1 I ll tell you what happened. I was the trader behind this account. They advertised the fund by showing my personal account to attract investors money. Some of you who has been following the progress of this account may have noticed how well I performed turning 20 000 in to 77 000+ USD. However in December 31, 2013 they intentionally blew my account up using fake rates and fake deals on my account without my knowledge. They are scammers who stole 77 000 USD from my account and to this point denied everything and haven’t returned me my funds. Fred Velez, Dana O’Keefe, Ron Goldstein are the names to remember. If and when this AlphaTradingCM company will be long gone you come across these names, run away. I repeat that I fell victim of their scam big time and the fact that they continue their fraudulent criminal operation and attract only god knows how many new clients and investors (the potential victims) makes me go public and tell people the truth about them. If you are a trader or an investor who was robbed the same way by this company, or noticed any weird activity that you cannot explain (for example some of your active orders disappeared or you saw some weird candles on charts or gaps or weird comments left allegedly by their software in the comment section of your MT4 terminal) please don’t be afraid and speak up but if for some reason you are hesitating to open to public please write me personally with brief or full description with what happened to you. I created an email account specifically for this case. Its If we collaborate we can take these criminals to higher instances and they will have to pay.