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in aeronthomas feed Jan 09 2018 at 23:37
Thanks BluePanther. I actually haven't been trading much lately anyway. I have been working on some other businesses of mine instead. I will get back to it soon by the end of the month, found a few systems that look promising one I have purchased. considering Evonight and MacMy also ... cheers
in FTCRobot feed Oct 11 2017 at 11:39
Is there a reason that the first account has such a high drawdown and the managed account wasn't effected as much?
in EinsteinTrader feed Jun 14 2017 at 02:17
why are accounts 3 and 4 now private?
in FortuneCapitals feed Apr 19 2017 at 04:39
I notice you have stopped trading on all your accounts?
in aeronthomas feed Mar 08 2017 at 09:49
Avoid systems running on New Forex a scam brokerage not regulated in a reputable jurisdiction. Many scammers are using cent accounts on this broker especially on Signal Start and trying to pass them off as real $ accounts also. Be aware.
in aeronthomas feed Mar 08 2017 at 09:46
Never purchase a system of a vendor on myfxbook who doesnt have a fully verified track record and trading privileges verified also. Don't invest with vendors using unknown or unregulated or low regulated brokers like those based in Vanuatu, St Vincent, Belize etc. Only use systems proven to work on a FCA or ASIC regulated broker. Good brokers Pepperstone, Global Prime, Darwinex, Tickmill, Ic Markets.
in aeronthomas feed Mar 08 2017 at 09:42
I am making all my demo testing accounts private. As some scammers have been accusing me or loading new systems or trying to sell something. So easy enough to keep the tracking features for myself. The scammers are feeling very threatened by the exposing of their scams by myself and other users.
in lazellnet feed Dec 03 2016 at 14:06
What happened to your tickmill and ic market accounts ? They are brokers I use. Cheers
in fxtradingempire feed Nov 24 2016 at 06:43
any website?
in forexverified feed Aug 02 2016 at 12:39
what a shame you don't have 3rd party analyticals with intraday drawdowns etc like myfxbook has done for the tests above. :(
in forexverified feed Aug 02 2016 at 03:38
Are you able to load your Fx Autotrader Elite and MathFxPro accounts onto here for monitoring? thanks.
in CrazyTrader chart Jun 20 2016 at 05:44
Crazytrader so is this W pattern predicting price will rise upto the 2.2000 zone ?
in fxrobotreviews feed Jun 13 2016 at 12:46
thanks for this info Franco1, I suspected as much.
in RedRhinoLab feed May 25 2016 at 05:55
are you going to start offering this one again? Can it work long term on IC markets?
in RedRhinoFX feed May 12 2016 at 08:25
These are signal services, there is no money back guarantee for signal services only EAs. Provider no longer sells EAs. I am very happy with this vendor.
in Manhattan_fx feed Apr 12 2016 at 06:36
Any real accounts for your system or just demo?
in algotraderea feed Apr 03 2016 at 06:16
okay thanks for explanation. look forward to seeing some future live longer term accounts. cheers
in algotraderea feed Mar 31 2016 at 11:00
can I ask why? bombed out?
in algotraderea feed Mar 31 2016 at 06:32
Just wondered what happened to the live real account you had here?
in 1000monthly feed Mar 12 2016 at 10:05
Why can't you stop creating new profiles on this forum every few days? I believe admin have already told you to stop it, and you will be banned permanently from the forum if you continue to post your scam on the forum and creating new profiles every day. These arbitrage systems don't work in real life. You are wasting your time here, spamming the forum. You have been registered an hour and already have 30 blocked users, you keep posting this wix free website all over the forum in every new thread. Just leave and don't come back. Please.