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in buff_0 feed Feb 24 2015 at 23:09
Its true I over trade every possible opportunity. Its a problem I need to fix. "Less risk and fast recovery", I have never heard of that before. I suppose I don't see that in trades. "Write down why u opened it", I'll give this a try. "What kind of profit u are expecting from it", this part for me is the most difficult because I usually do two kinds of trades. One is trading while I'm awake where I can see how much momentum the price has which is my favorite approach. The other is setting a trade before I go to sleep. I cant exactly start a trade where I want because its not the correct time yet so I'll set a market order with a complete guess as to how long it will travel in that direction and without knowing how much longer it must remain on its path before changing to the direction I have chosen or that I'm already in the correct direction but still guess how much further the direction will maintain. I think I need to have more practice at my system so that when the time comes I'll be confident to place a trade. Thanks for the tips
in buff_0 feed Feb 23 2015 at 19:46
in buff_0 feed Feb 23 2015 at 19:40
Thanks for the comments. I think my learning curve is completely in the wrong direction. The fact is that I've been losing real money for so long that I've accepted that I will lose and the amount that I lose seems to come out to the same amount every day for the last month. My biggest problem before was the commissions which kills more money then I have made. My trades used to consist of 20 trades in 3 hours. I'm currently trying to get my trades down to three trades in three hours with 10 pips for the 1st two trades and 55 pips for the last trade. With this template and allowing for several mistakes along the way it would be nice if I earned all of my money back in the next several months. I know that my path is very rocky but its getting smoother every day.
in buff_0 feed Feb 22 2015 at 22:23
Gamblers curiosity. OMG since I've mastered my technique last week Monday, greed is the thing that kills me every time. I think the trade will travel far so I don't put a stoploss or a trailing stop and that kills me. Or I see the ending of a trade and I want to join in before its too late but its already too late so I join the trade in the losing direction. Greed greed greed. In the next few weeks I need to train myself in several things. One is to be more patient and the other is to throw away greed.
in buff_0 feed Feb 22 2015 at 22:13
Thank you for the comment. I really appreciate a true trader who actually took the time to look at my profile and give me pointers.
in buff_0 feed Feb 10 2015 at 07:57
The account looks horrible and I wont change it or delete it. When the time comes and I make profit everyone will see exactly how it started