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Posts by cyberom

in cyberom feed Feb 13 2015 at 17:29
it is Account Doubler EA from
in IchimokuALL feed Jul 07 2014 at 09:05
Hi, do you know please where we can find this system ? Thanks
in IchimokuALL feed Jun 29 2014 at 15:40
It's nice to invite everyone, but without link it is no sense, huh ?
in Bestscalper feed Apr 10 2014 at 20:36
I think there is a bug with the GMT Hours settings for the EA: Example for my broker GMT+3 (IC MARKETS) In the chart: * Broker Time :23H00 * GMT Time : 20H00 * GMT Offset : 3 All is ok until now Start Broker/GMT = 23H/21H ? It must be 20H End Broker/GMT = 01H/23H ? it must be 22H Trades don't start at 21H GMT but 20H GMT (EST -4H, 16H) Trades don"t end at 23H GMT but 22H GMT (EST -4H, 18H) In the settings, Time settings is confusing: AutoGMT=false GMT_Offset=3 GMT_Open_Hour=21.0 Start_Minute=0 GMT_Close_Hour=23.0 End_Minute=0 If we put GMT_Open_Hour=20.0 , trades start at 19hGMT Could you please check my request, if it is right ? I let the GMT_Open_Hour=21.0 and GMT_Close_Hour=23.0 until now, so the trades start at the right broker time: 23H00 Thanks.
in cyberom feed Sep 14 2013 at 09:25
No need to cry and no need to be impolite, my free account from armada is not blowed (balance 34$), but 4indi is not doing well on it, and i would like to keep the 15$ welcome account into my balance, to test others EAS in real account condition. Anyway, i don't need to prove anything to anyone, it is a fun account, i take high risk with it, that's all ;-)
in cyberom feed May 14 2013 at 19:16
There will a new version next week with new pairs and major updates, it's why i removed this demo.