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Posts by cyberryder

in ProfitableFB feed Jul 12 2018 at 08:09
OK so the robot is slowing down growth and the seller is upping discounts. What does this tell us? Don't buy!
in cyberryder feed Nov 03 2015 at 07:01
tests all stopped, as they did not perform well
in ezpip feed Sep 04 2014 at 17:03
the next vendor running a grid with zero money management. SCAM
in ForexEASystems feed Feb 10 2014 at 12:22
Forex Kinetics forward has been deleted. MT4i forward showed on the selling page is no more trading. What happened? Is the EA officially dead? Why do customers don't get any info about that? There is no info on the forum either This is a terrible reputation for selling the next system ProFx3
in sensation feed Jan 08 2014 at 07:23
tnx Btburner87 for sharing your experience!