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in darkdome chart May 15 2013 at 12:01
Sell Order of GDPUSD is near the trigger however it seems the Market seems still very indecisive about the anticipating recession. Fear still lingers.
in darkdome chart May 15 2013 at 06:24
! Entered the Sell Order at waiting for it to hit the TP - 1.2800.
in darkdome chart May 14 2013 at 17:10
Technical Side: Resistance Along 1.5230 and a Uptrend was constance the past month. Price is now Close to 2 STD of BB + Resistance. Fundamental Side: USD - US Import decrease increases the total Net Export. + US Stock Uped thus expecting the USD to strengthen GDP - Expectation of the GBP to remain pretty consistent due to constant weak growth in Britain + a Recession for Britain may be imminent. Since UK recession fears linger this might causes selling of the pound. Causing it to weaken. Overall: GDP/USD will be expected to have a downtrend and a break from the 1.5300. A Sell pending order has been made a 1.5180 , TP - 1.50475, SL - 15240 Risk to reward: 2.2 : 1 It is possible for GDPUSD to still go on a short-term up trend that may test the 1.555 as a resistance but should not break it due to the negative expectation of the Pound dollar on the long term. If I am wrong the Sell order should d not be triggered. and then we can go long after the price has crossed 1.53450.
in darkdome chart May 14 2013 at 16:26
Technical Side: Hit resistance at 1.2960 and testing of support at 1.320 . - Along the Line of 2 Standard Deviation. Fundamental Side: USD - Expected to strengthen Due to report of imports dropping, Increasing total Net Export. + Positive gains on US stocks. EUR - News: " LONDON - European companies lost 350 billion euros last year due to late or unpaid bills, underlining fears that small businesses expected to drive economic recovery are faltering in a prolonged recession." This might cause heavy selling on the Euro. Weakening the euro on the long term. Overall: Since Euro is expected to strengthen against the USD leading to a downtrend and may break the 1.296 level. A Sell Pending onder has been placed at 1.2920 and TP set at 1.2800 : SL set at 1.2975 Risk to reward Ratio is 2.18 : 1 .
in SiamFXNET chart May 14 2013 at 15:43
CrazyTrader is right. Japan is currently still increasing their money supply leading to constant weakening of the JPY currency. There hasn't been any update on the cutting of money supply. Lastly, Trend is your friend! Why not follow the trend rather than against the trend?