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in Forexpipkiller feed Sep 14 2019 at 07:16
You're welcome. I hope this person will never scam other people again.
in Forexpipkiller feed Sep 11 2019 at 13:51
Don't trust this company. Data from the investor password account, are manipulated and the bad trades have changed from negative to positive trades. Also, the vendor don't tell you on the website, that after the purchase you have to buy an expensive VPS solution, otherwise the EA will not work. But even if you buy the special VPS solution from them, the EA will not work! It's only a trick to get from you, more money! The requirements are so high that it is absurd, even the most complex and expensive EA doesn't need such a high performance. See here:<br /> <br /> VPS Configuration:<br /> KINDLY USE MINIMUM THIS CONFIGURATIONS SERVER<br /> VPS Requirements<br /> 24 vCPU Xeon E5<br /> 64 GB RAM <br /> 1 GBPS Bandwidth<br /> OS 2012 R2 <br /> Remote Desktop VPS & USA SERVER<br /> <br /> <br /> Don't trust or buy anything from this vendor, otherwise you will lose your money!! If you ask for a refund, they will ignore your request.<br /> <br /> Be warned!