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in saintsnick1 feed Mar 28 2017 at 12:09
Hi, saintnick1 i saw your need for programming your trade, am impressed how you consciously guiding yourself acclaimed holygrail system, i am in the same shoe i have something am convinced that works well for me even in the volatility period like FOMC once is saw these pattern on candlestick am rest assured where a crazy movement is heading towards, but for someone like you that already have yours own system and can as well program code E.A i felt a bit comfortable to share mine with you and see how to make it work stress free of observing the screen to get into the trade when the candestick print where the next moves heading too. Actually it a candlestick special formation that i use when the lower time frame gives me this pattern in agreeing to higher time frame there is a rising moves or descending move as the case may be taking weekly and monthly pivot into consideration.i hope to relate with you better if you are willing