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in PtxCapitalManagement feed May 03 2013 at 05:31
1.33% so far. I've compared your monthly results and mine to Tom's at WolrdProFX since Jan '12, if you're interested. I've been closely following Tom's account management advise and since I was unaware of May '12 for a long time, didn't cut out EURGBP. When I wanted to has USDJPY, it wasn't available anymore in Tradency. No surprise, with BoJ's actions during '12. I was surprised at you good results with only EURUSD.
in PtxCapitalManagement feed May 02 2013 at 15:54
Hi Pedro, I've also been with TomsEA (Tradency at WorldFXPro) since Dec. 2011. I didn't loose in May 2012 since I hadn't added the EURGBP pair yet at that time. I was cautious at the beginning, and currently am at 135% gain on initial deposit. I'm curious: do you know what market event caused the May 2012 lose (tripped DD stop?)