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in Brayden_Castella feed Apr 22 2017 at 05:41
Full of bullshit, not a single live and verified account.Scam
in qqforex feed Mar 30 2017 at 08:07
What proof can you provide to prove that you bought this scam EA ? Are you and the scamer the same person?
in Markhamilton feed Mar 09 2017 at 02:31
fucking scammer, be careful everyone
in ForexBob feed May 25 2016 at 11:29
his account is completely gone because of his stupid trading
in johntrung feed Mar 16 2016 at 11:45!tab=history
in johntrung feed Mar 16 2016 at 11:45
Hi. I'm using my own EA and not sharing my friend. (Sorry). In the mean time , i'm looking at this guy
in johntrung feed Mar 11 2016 at 14:17
Thank you
in johntrung feed Mar 02 2016 at 02:24
in johntrung feed Jan 22 2016 at 09:12
why do I need to do that? I have no need to sell anything but you are trying to sell your service obviously.
in ForexBob feed Sep 19 2015 at 14:28
be careful before you provide a service.Last time you blew up your own account at zulutrade and anyone's if they followed you :-).This strategy needs to be proven at least a few months
in johntrung feed Jul 16 2015 at 04:30
in tudongfx feed Dec 30 2014 at 03:44
toàn chết :-)
in FxRainbowTrader feed Dec 29 2014 at 14:07
Hi I bought the MACDak trade EA from this fucking Savely too and it wiped out my account. I complained to him and he blocked me from this thread. Please help me to warn others about his scam.THe admin of myfxbook should ban these fucking thieves from stealing our money. There are many thieves in this forum
in johntrung feed Jun 24 2014 at 07:08
yes, he is hiding something for sure