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Posts by kroote

in Bestscalper feed Apr 17 2014 at 20:03
I meant if it is may I have the link to purchase
in Bestscalper feed Apr 17 2014 at 19:01
Is the ea unavailable now if not may I have a link to purchase it.
in BKjepara feed Apr 04 2012 at 00:36
your managed account hasn't updated since march 9 is it not being traded?
in BKjepara feed Feb 29 2012 at 18:36
You didn't win but still in the top 10 very good
in BKjepara feed Feb 24 2012 at 15:35
The euro got tricky and is reacting to greek news I guess it was just a matter of time it broke its channel and went up.
in BKjepara feed Feb 22 2012 at 02:50 this company is another option to reach clients which you could add to your master account. Worth looking into.
in BKjepara feed Feb 21 2012 at 01:33
Another fine trade made today caught the high and closed at the low sweet.
in BKjepara feed Feb 17 2012 at 19:38
How can you trade so well if you are a newbie, You may be new but you have a very good system.