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VERY IMPORTANT UPDATE FOR ALL FOLLOWERS: **************************************************** Now, after many years of training and testing, our AI algo and the EA has evolved to a point at which it might be possible to convert 1000 USD MT4 account balance to 1 MILLION USD or more within 3 to 6 months of time period using very high risk under our FUND MANAGEMENT. So if you are a high risk trader and willing to take that extra risk to convert a few thousand USD to few million USD within a matter of few months, then you can contact our email support "[email protected]". It seems like we are very close to achieving super human level performance what was our main goal when we started our AI project 7 years back. So those traders willing to take the early advantages by taking the extra risk can join our FUND MANAGEMENT.
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Few more updates about our FUND MANAGEMENT Account named "AGI EA FUND_REAL ACCOUNT 1": 1.Our expected and targeted maximum drawdown % is between 3% to 5%(less or more) in that account for now. Actual maximum drawdown will be known only after trading for a few months. 2.The expected monthly % return can vary between broker to broker. In general, in a good quality broker the expected monthly % return should be 5% to 10% or more on average with that drawdown level between 3% to 5%. 3.So under FUND MANAGEMENT, we can multiply the risk by 2,3,4,5 or more while copying the trades from the MASTER MT4 account to the investor's MT4 account depending on the risk tolerance of the investor and starting MT4 account balance in order to increase the monthly % return. So this Forex4you account will work as a base reference MT4 account to refer in order to multiply the risk to increase the average monthly % return based on investor requirements.
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The account we are referring to is under FUND MANAGEMENT and not by direct EA trading. Refer to question no.12 and 13 of the FAQ section of our website to get some idea:
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Important updates: ******************** 1.We have added one more REAL ACCOUNT in Forex4you broker running under our FUND MANAGEMENT using our algo. 2.The account name is "AGI EA FUND_REAL ACCOUNT 1" whose public myfxbook link you can find from our myfxbook page. 3.This account is not running the EA directly. Rather this account is using a trade copier to copy trades from one of our MASTER MT4 accounts where the EA is running using an advanced set up. 4.Those who are interested in FUND MANAGEMENT can continue to monitor that account to get a better idea about what to expect from FUND MANAGEMENT since the same trades will be copied directly from our MASTER MT4 account to all investor's MT4 accounts.
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Few more updates: ******************** 1.Currently, the main live account is using M5 timeframe for trading in all 8 currency pairs. 2.This EA can be run in any timeframe. But higher the timeframe less number of trades will be placed and more accurate trades will be placed. 3.Currently, the actively traded currency pairs are as follows: EURUSD,GBPUSD,USDJPY,USDCAD,USDCHF, AUDUSD,EURJPY,NZDUSD 4.Even after running the EA in this account for around 1 year still we have used just less than 10% of the total features and input settings available in the EA and a lot more to explore in future.
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Recently, we have finished training our AI model used in the FULL version of our EA named "MuZero Forex EA". We have trained and tested it in H1 timeframe. In H1 timeframe, the trades will be less, but the results will be more consistent and reliable. Note that both the BASIC version and the FULL version of the EA can be trained and traded in any currency pair and anytimeframe. The key difference is that in the FULL version the EA trained data is located locally in our server where it is trained, but the BASIC version depends on the trained data to use the trained AI model and so the BASIC version needs to connect to our server to access the trained data. The Basic version just adjusts with the broker MT4 account where it is running to automatically fine tune the entry conditions. However, without the trained data the BASIC version might just place random trades and so it is important for the BASIC version to connect with our server to access the trained data. We have created a video of the backtesting results for EURUSD pair in H1 timeframe. This video demonstrates the ownership of the project and displays the name of the client on the MT4 screen while the backtesting is running. Here is the link: We will provide more updates in future posts.
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Due to some reason our DEMO account is not placing any trades since last coupe of days, but the the LIVE account is placing a couple of trades once in a while. It may be due to very low volatile markets or due to some other reason. We will continue to monitor the accounts to see if we can figure out the reasons if possible.
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Check out our last live account:
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So the M1,M2,M3 will be the M series for medium risk trading and L1,L2,L3 will be L series for Low risk trading. We might publish another series called High risk series of H1,H2,H3 in near future.
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All the 3 accounts copy the same trades from the same algo, but with different risk set ups as discussed and agreed with the investors or mt4 account holders. For example, what is the maximum Drawdown to allow and what is the aggressiveness of the profit making process to allow in the account.
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First of all, these are not EAs. These are semi-automated algos which we use only for fund management.
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If you are considering this regarding priorfx based on the latest flash crash event occurred in GBP, then let us inform you that in case of such an event neither any broker nor any bank can do anything to protect the balance. So we can't blame priorfx for that. We may diversify our system to almost each and every popular broker may be in the future once we have gathered sufficient amount of investors for our system. For now we have to focus only on one broker that is priorfx. If you are trading with any other popular broker which you trust for that matter and if you are trading with reasonable amount of funds anything more than 100K and you want us to set up our system for a 10% equity protection and 5% monthly target , then we may manage your account directly in our VPS without a MAM set up provided you agree with our own terms and conditions. Or if you want a high risk set up like the above account, then the set up can be done with a starting balance of 20K or more. You can contact us to our email "[email protected]". Or you can contact us how much you want to invest in priorfx MAM if you are interested to invest in Priofx MAM.
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Very soon we may publish a MAM account with Priorfx broker with exact set up what we are referring to. That means we are going to set up a MAM with 10% equity protection targeting 5% per month approximately.
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Yes, absolutely 5% a month can be very easily achieved with a maximum 10% equity protection. This account doesn't use the same risk set up. We are using the high risk set up as per the investor's requirements. Here we are using 30% equity protection with 60% monthly target which is definitely high risk. That means chances of hitting the equity protection is high. But in low risk mode the chances of hitting the equity protection is very very low. It can be done with 10% protection for 5% monthly or for 20% protection for 10% monthly and so on. This can be done with any broker and hence, broker is not at all an issue. But for a 10% protection it requires a minimum capital of 10K since in 10K balance the maximum lot size is 0.01 lot.