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in lseres feed Nov 22 2014 at 13:03
H guys, I'm still trying to hang in there. It might seem pointless but I want to make sure i didn't abandon a system and jump onto the next one all the time. Bit of experiment to see if can replicate the trading room results.
in lseres feed Jul 05 2014 at 11:10
Good to hear that you are still profitable. Hope you will manage to iron out the glitches and get even more profits, good luck:)
in lseres feed Jul 01 2014 at 14:54
Will open a real account in a few weeks, and you are right it will be a little discouraging to see how little difference a good trade will make on a small account (which it will be first). How are your systems doing, hope it's all going well for you.
in lseres feed Jul 01 2014 at 14:54
Thanks GremlinCCS.
in lseres feed Jun 30 2014 at 19:16
Done. Comments are welcome:)