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Posts by masaima13

in GTR_Official feed Apr 11 at 14:08
Thank you for the information. I'm checking the letter.
in GTR_Official feed Apr 03 at 23:54
Did the audit end in the first quarter of 2022? When will GTR resume operations?
in GTR_Official feed Nov 19 2021 at 20:35
Is the audit going well? Can you tell me if it will end in February 2022 as scheduled?
in GTR_Official feed Oct 07 2021 at 09:21
Please from the following link( However, GTR Co is currently under audit and cannot register, deposit and withdraw. After the audit is complete, you will be able to register. Those who have already registered and deposited looking forward to the end of the audit.
in GTR_Official feed Oct 02 2021 at 00:42
Could you give me some information about GTR co.?
in GTR_Official feed Sep 27 2021 at 02:32
Does anyone know about the following new functions released on September 1st? 1. Will the STAR arbitrage live that was scheduled to be held on September 15th be held? 2. Is there any information about Star Academy on October 1st?
in GTR_Official feed Sep 25 2021 at 08:52
Do you mean that GTR company is not withdrawing the money, but the individual is withdrawing the money?
in GTR_Official feed Sep 25 2021 at 08:51
Thank you for the information. However, I do not understand what you mean. I apologize for that. I understand how the subscription works.
in GTR_Official feed Sep 25 2021 at 08:28
If the suspension of deposits and withdrawals is for auditing, it is strange that some people can withdraw even at a special(certain) level. Is the GTR really under audit?
in GTR_Official feed Sep 25 2021 at 08:26
What is a special level? Is it the GTR approval level?
in GTR_Official feed Sep 24 2021 at 23:00
Hello!Why is there no official announcement about the audit? Is it true that deposits and withdrawals will resume?