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WARNING : Stop trading immediately On FXCH..One Of My Client Is Get Bad Result in 1 minute..2016$ loss in one Minute. All Old Clients Who Still Able TO make Profit they Can Continue...But Don't Open New Account On Will be scam bu FXCH while order Execute on STP Now.
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Check This Out :
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4XDG Account no : 4023269 Password : Stop&not
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New Version For Pepperstone Is Released..!! and Send To All 269 clients..IF Any One is Left Send Us mail.
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Yes, GodModetrading You can Send Us On our Email ID. We Will help You If possible. And Why Don't You see Your Result in Your Account?
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127 Copies Sold And Other Wiretransfer Is In Process on First Day.. Thank You All For buy T&D EA.
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Hello everyone, We Are Glad to Announce, That We Are Going To Sell Our T&D EA Copies From 5/03/2012 to 12/03/2012 Only For One Week. We Are Mannaging To Many Clients Accounts, But Most Of Clients Want to Buy This EA. We get At least 1500 mail..!! For Sell This EA. So Now We Decided To Sell This EA copies For Only 1 Week. T&D EA Price Is : 199$ For Buy This EA Need to Send Payment Via Moneybookers : [email protected] OR [email protected] AFTER, Sending The Fund You Will Get Instant T&D EA Copy, With Locked by GUARDIAN LOCK SYSTEM. Guardian Lock Allowed You To use T&D EA on Multiple DEMO AND LIVE ACCOUNTS (ANY BROKERS) But You Will Not Able To Share This EA To anyother one. Guardian Is Allowed you To use T&D EA only on2 PC, coz EA is set With CID IF YOU SHARE OR CRACK THIS EA , T&D EA WILL DESTROY IT SELF. AND LICENCE WILL BE REJECTED AUTOMATICALLY. IN T&D EA PACK you will get T&D EA, T&D.dll file, Manual Book, GUARDIAN lock. IF You Have Any Question Please Let Us To Know.. Don't Forgat T&D EA IS Available For Buy only For One Week.. DON'T BE LATE...!! REGARDS, T&D EA TEAM contact : [email protected]
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But For Now Do Not Open Any Type Account and do not deposit and withdraw at same time. We Will be Back With Other EA For Full Day Variable spread account. Thank You For Your Patience. Regards, T&D EA TEAM
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We can Not Take Any More Clients, coz 4XDG is NOT Able TO open any more fix 1.3 pip spread ECN account. so PLease Do not Open any other account. We are working on there variable spread ECN account for Full day Trading. once we are Done We Will send you our Account's statment.
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Hello everyone ,
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HELLO , We Are Changed Our Term For Money Managment Service(MMS) We Try To Work With Other Brokers LIKE MRC, PEPPERSTONE, FXPRIMUS, FXDD But Its Not Work. Monthly Profit Gain is only 50-100%. So Its useless. Also We try On FXCH But every one is Know That Its a Scam Broker. Yes, We Also Scam By Them. We Are Finding Other Broker and Try To Change Our perameter. once we are Done We will Informed you. But Now We Are Using Only 4XDG Broker. Only This Broker Is Suitable For Our T&D EA. To Work With This EA You Need TO Open account in 4XDG. If you open account and send us login id and password for trading.. Then you Have to Sign in “L.P.O.A” , And send back to us. So 4XDG can transfer our 50% profit In Our Account On End Of The Month. It is Provide You by 4XDG. ALSO IF 4XDG LIVE ACCOUNT OPENING FORM IS NOT ACCEPT YOUR CELL NO OR ZIP NO , SO YOU CAN SEND A MAIL DIRECTLY AND OPEN ACCOUNT. SEND MAIL ON : [email protected] And Tell them You Want to Open account And Want to managed by T&D EA (IB Account no : 9000727) They Will understand You And Help To Open Account With 1.3 pip spread. Also You can Invest In Our account . You have TO send minimum 1000$ via moneybookers. On This Email ID : [email protected] For Wiretransfer Ask TO us. You Need TO Invest Minimum 1000$ for fix 1.3 pip spread. Once We received Your Fund , We will Open New Account in 4XDG and Send You Login Id And Investor Password. SO You can Check And compare With Our 4XDG accounts. ********************This Is Our 4XDG Live****************************** Account NO : 4022756 Investor Password : T&DEA server : 4XDG-Server Account NO : 4023269 Investor Password : T&DEA server : 4XDG-Server Account no : 4023706 Investor Password : T&DEA server : T&DEA ******************************************************************** To Download 4XDG MT4 Go on this Link : For More Information About our EA Contact us Via skype or Yahoo messanger When Our Team Are available..! If you Have Any question Please Let Us to Know. BEST REGARD, T&D EA TEAM Contact : [email protected] skype : onemail2dipen
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****************4XDG LIVE*********************** Login ID : 4022756 Password : T&DEA TO download Platform Go on this link :
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**************** MRC MARKET LIVE ACCOUNT FOR SINGLE PAIR ************************ LOGIN ID : 45690646 Investor Password : T&DEA Server : MRC - live
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Also contact me On skype : onemail2dipen
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To Know how To get This "T&DEA"....Contact us : [email protected]
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Wait For 2-3 month. My Website is in underprocess. And yes i have a Real account & When I declered. I am sure u will be Shocked. So please wait.
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For T&D, download FXCH MT4. and login with this. login id : 57160 password : jQkTdIe