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in nevercaughtup feed Nov 18 2013 at 02:50
I call this Active Trader. I took a combinations of four profitable systems that have done well over the last year with maximum drawdown of 25%on each system. Each system, based on the last year of activity, is adjusted to set expected maximum drawdown at 20%. This puts the sum of risk at 80% if all four systems were to be at maximum drawdown at the same time which is not likely.. Obviously this is a heavily leveraged system designed to gain maximum growth in the shortest amount of time. I think the system can safely withstand the risk starting with a small account of $1,000 on demo. If it performs well I will fund a $1,000 real account and if it performs really well and safely I will raise the account risk to a comfortable amount for me.. My goal is to have this account triple in 12 months based on compounding equity. Only time will tell.
in nevercaughtup feed Nov 18 2013 at 02:49
Active Trader System Test