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Posts by nitetrader

in BRDC4X feed Sep 25 2016 at 09:03
Goodboy/doodboy is hiding his system because they margin called
in Rbarron feed Sep 22 2016 at 06:17
It is all bull, he will be hiding behind another name and doing the same thing, I feel sorry for anyone who signs up.
in Rbarron feed Sep 21 2016 at 06:17
in Rbarron feed Sep 21 2016 at 06:17
Sorry, i don't copy anyone, that was a typing mistake. He has crashed copiers accounts on FXjunction. You can see his account on there.
in Rbarron feed Sep 19 2016 at 16:42
Hi, REdbarron you probaby get an answer, he has crashed my account - margin call