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in oshaban feed Jul 13 2016 at 09:01
Thanks Dr. Haroon for your encourage. I believe that no need to reply to negative altitude people :)
in oshaban feed Jun 11 2015 at 17:13
Why not? I'm not expert like you. Show me your ideal accounts please!.
in oshaban feed Apr 17 2015 at 12:15
Yes, it is suspended again. I know that they will not like the name I used. But I like to show the others the fact of such EAs and brokers. I think, after this time, it is not worth to engage my server with an extra MT4 platform :) ... Thanks for your comment.
in oshaban feed Apr 10 2015 at 12:36
Good point weiss ... I didn't intend to do that to give more visibility to my EAs ... But, I like the idea. Thanks for that. But, sadly, FXCH has stopped my 2 accounts. I think, they don't like the names for those accounts.
in oshaban feed Feb 19 2015 at 17:46
Hi weiss ... Thanks for your valuable advise ... In fact, this EA is Risky. You have to accept the stress to use it. I'm sorry for the delay to answer you back as I didn't got time to reply :( ... Stress ... Stress ... Stress :(
in oshaban feed Aug 07 2013 at 13:13
More info about how to get BRM-v5 and MESM-v1 can be found on my blog at
in oshaban feed Aug 07 2013 at 02:01
Finally, I recovered both accounts :) ... Everything is back to normal, hopefully. I'm so happy that happen ...
in oshaban feed Aug 06 2013 at 17:28
Right, but I'm unlucky at all, because my VPS is crashed and I lost everything. I'm preparing to go live using BRM_v5 ... it is safer than MESM_v1. Thanks.
in oshaban feed Apr 07 2013 at 20:53
Hi Fabia ... I just sent you a request to add me to your skype list ... Thanks for your interest...
in oshaban feed Sep 19 2012 at 07:55
HI ... I started new tests for non expiring accounts ... Please comment ...