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Posts by princesajir

in princesajir chart Mar 24 at 06:11
Conclusion: The general direction is not much of a problem, only that the point needs refinement.
in princesajir chart Mar 24 at 06:08
TP hits! The uptrend is not over for now.
in princesajir chart Mar 23 at 08:11
M30, the uptrend did not change.
in princesajir chart Mar 23 at 08:10
When the price reaches the A-area, it is important not to enter the market directly but to look at the price pattern.
in simwiz chart Mar 23 at 05:57
Subjectively, I think there is room for the EUR to fall. But the trend is still up. Downward adjustment rather than downward reversal.
in princesajir chart Mar 22 at 06:17
Keep an eye out for the Fed's interest rate resolution and Powell's press conference. This is a risk that the technicals will probably look even smaller.
in farver58 chart Mar 21 at 07:25
How do I use DC please, I'm not sure if it contains future functions to be honest.
in juliefa chart Mar 21 at 07:22
Is the target level too far away? After all, the market is unpredictable.
in farver58 chart Mar 20 at 09:58
Why is it not quite the same as mine? In particular, it's amazing how the price keeps fluctuating within the indicator.
in farver58 chart Mar 20 at 06:24
Is this a Bollinger Band indicator?
in juliefa chart Mar 20 at 06:22
Trading against the trend is usually accompanied by a very high level of risk.
in juliefa chart Mar 16 at 06:50
Probably, the Fed's rate meeting will make it all happen faster.
in juliefa chart Mar 16 at 06:42
Agreed, I think it can take a long time to get to the goal.
in princesajir chart Mar 14 at 07:11
CPI data may disrupt the upward structure, so please be aware of the risk of data market.
in princesajir chart Mar 13 at 09:07
Fed: Slowly exiting the rate hike cycle. BOJ: continue to maintain an accommodative monetary policy. Technical: Downward structure has been formed.
in princesajir chart Mar 10 at 10:27
Risk events: Non-farm payrolls data!
in princesajir chart Mar 10 at 03:04
The BOJ kept interest rates unchanged and this news event broke the news of our plans.
in princesajir chart Mar 09 at 07:29
The direction is right, but unfortunately the point is not very good.
in princesajir chart Mar 07 at 09:16
Good downward structure. May have missed a good opportunity and will have to keep waiting until the structure is broken. Keep an eye on Fed Chairman Powell's speech, it is risky event.
in nacer_mondlane14 chart Mar 06 at 07:12
A very long journey of holding a position. Still can't see the logic of your trading.