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Posts by richfxtrader100

in richfxtrader100 feed Dec 12 2015 at 14:22
Copy my trades here:
in richfxtrader100 chart Dec 08 2015 at 18:35
It appears as if EUR/USD levels and patterns may be normalizing. Possible downside move to .500 expansion to around 1.08503 price area.
in richfxtrader100 chart Dec 07 2015 at 06:32
Possible slight upside correction to .382 fib level around 1.0890 price based on higher daily and weekly momentum before heading back down. However, overall feel and sentiment is still downside and likely minimum .382 fib level to around 1.800 is still most likely with or without temporary upside correction.
in richfxtrader100 feed Dec 01 2015 at 07:36
Feel free to follow my progress over the next few weeks and months.