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Posts by sambhu

in sambhu feed May 03 2013 at 05:29
I have been offered an Invalid Account to compete ! Champion Company !!
in sambhu feed Mar 20 2013 at 07:55
I couldn't download the Platform yet !! Better wait for the next contest.
in bigcitis feed May 20 2012 at 09:50
Hi Olori, Thanks for your appreciation. Fundamental anlysis is a big subject.I don't have the time or expertise for that game. Let the big players do that with all their men and resources. I just try to understand what are they doing and follow them. I try to focus on the price actions and S/R levels. This strategy is simple yet producing results, consistently. I am yet to learn a lot of things and sharpen my skill before work with real money. I am very much interested to know about your plan on forming a team of smart investors and shall be thankful if you tell me all about it, in details. Thanks and regards, Sambhu.