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Posts by sdek4x

in arunfxtrader feed Jul 28 2020 at 06:30
Any description of your system ?? Do you want to sell signals ? You are not clear about your intentions with a demo account,
in Jordan01 feed Oct 06 2017 at 09:45
Hello, I am tracking resuts here at mfxb .. What happened with this account ?? is this a loss ? or a massive withdrawal ?
in Walter_HT feed Sep 14 2017 at 06:34
Hello ..I also purchased the EA...still on demo. July and Augut and well known for being "bad months" for trading liquidity is quite different from others months ... so, too soon to say this EA is useless. BTW this month is quite flat also...And apreciate Walter to show us his Mfxbook live with pattern tags on , we might soon spot the untruthful patterns ... . Is the AU UJ pattern trading an add-on to EU ea offered as a free upgrade to existing EA or only sold separetely ?
in andresgc67 feed Sep 12 2017 at 07:38
Hello Andres , ola . Que paso con "As you can see this account has US$ 40,000, which is a considerable amount of money" ... No data to display. Todavia estas usando HGI / Nanningbob ?
in forexdutchie feed Jul 12 2017 at 17:33
Thanks for sharing your Harmonics Trader results ...fully open. Very usefull when , like me , someone think about purchasing this EA.
in Walter_HT feed Dec 16 2016 at 01:56
Hi Walter ..I am not happy with today's results ( 15th December ) ...big loss ... >150 pips loss each opened trade now understand why I/we need to set up a hard ( stainless steel hard stop loss ) ...once the momentum of the pattern is over ...well this is over ... your user guide is NOT clear .... you still have a Grail ...few tweaks ...hours with almost no sleep ...and we will have an Holy one ...Keep digging is near...
in Walter_HT feed Dec 12 2016 at 21:17
I performed backtesting with Risk percentage .. not fixed lot ..this is why it is blowing demo account. Really amazing to watch backtesting in Visual mode ....there is so much parameters that I could not understand yet how to set a 70pips STOPLOSS ..... for what I could see , Black Swan & BL50 made the loss ....
in Walter_HT feed Dec 12 2016 at 13:39
Hello Walter ...nice job ...I am backtesting right now trying to tweak parameters to avoid the big loss made in May and June 2016 ....having trades closed in loss ( all 3 ) with 140 pips ...this is evident that the pattern momentum is over ..and it is account blower/killer ...
in qntdinh feed Jun 12 2014 at 16:45
By the way you make your challenge 1k to 2k Private ?
in qntdinh feed Jun 12 2014 at 16:45
Hi ... I pretty much like RVD for PAMM.At my point of view a very honest broker , easy pamm setup, quick withdrawal/deposit ... they do offer CFD Indexes ...
in qntdinh feed Jun 05 2014 at 21:16
Hi , if maths apply to your system , if you can emotionally stand a 50% DD , your expected monthly return would be around 63% ..not bad ... just have to start with smaller lots @ beginning till you double the account ...then build equity ... to have your ATM machine that you can tweek to produce a constant fixed income ... and, as the equity grow , DD % will be insignificant as time line goes ... a PAMM ???
in Goldfather feed Apr 10 2014 at 22:41 IBFX Managed by "Gold"father ... all the way down the hill . Absolute silence from this gambler when in the DD , poor English , definitely not British born or raised. On March 26 when finally balance ( not equity) was on the green side , an inmediate request to pay percentaje on profits "continue" with trading ..while equity was still below initial investment ..this was blackmailing ..., but " fortunately" the day after account was in deep drawdown again ... . His own account is doing quite well .. while he plays /plans new strategies with someone else money ... smart. Thumbs up. it was fun anyway.
in Silentspec feed Dec 23 2013 at 03:29
December ...end of the year , most of central Banks are doing their adjustments , big companies are transfering their foreign assets .., market get nuts ... do not trade from early december to after 1st week of January .. Am I wrong ???
in Pivonka feed Nov 30 2013 at 02:42
Hi Pivo ,I am asking myself why your results for Golden Man are different from Dimitry ( Silentspec) with this strategy ? - you had los for the week- but a high floating profit ... amazing results...
in Sergius_Ch feed Nov 02 2013 at 14:40
Hi Sergius , what did you changed to your strategy to make it finally so succesfull ?? Or is it the same strategy but market condition have changed since July and are better for your trading style ??
in Silentspec feed Oct 16 2013 at 23:41
Not sure it was his decision , but a must because of servers loads at mql5 with more than a thousands followers , most of them on demo accounts.Paying for the signal , this thiny fee , is just to gain bandwith at some level. If he really wanted to go commercial ..wouldn`t you pay 199$ a month ? I top up.
in Silentspec feed Oct 16 2013 at 11:03
Hi WWI Brother.. , glad we all found him.. ,he will help to recover all the loss.. hurray ...
in DollarAlay feed Sep 22 2013 at 00:20
Hello DollarAlley , I had a look at your website where you publish Mt4i competiion ranking... your system is far beyond the other ones .. well done. I have a question though , why are both account FLAT ( not growing anymore) since July ..??
in fxtradingsignals feed Mar 23 2013 at 18:11
Hi fxtradingsignals .. , I purchased the monthly signals ..which I added with your tradecopier on my live account with 5000 cents ... and it has blown ... . No problem here since it was a cent account. But 200$ monthly is quite expensive ..since I can blow the account myself right ? . So , I would like to know what would be the way to give me two extra free month for signals ... , but the one provided on your newly created Oanda Contest myfxbook account ... any idea ??
in fxtradingsignals feed Mar 06 2013 at 14:51
Hi fxtrading ..well , beware of your OWN home page , since the links there drove me to a Hotforex blown account reporting 442% returns in 3 months span ..on gold. Please confirm that you have changed the system or applied totally different strategy...