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Posts by vgembala35

In mikekhod feed Aug 26 2020 at 08:44
regarding your Liquidity comment, they contacted me direct via Whatsapp, they buy up contact details from brokers, they were totally untransparent, some sort of scam, the only question is what sort
In LiquidityCR feed Aug 19 2020 at 10:13
you already have it, you have already told ne you manage 100s of accounts but not once did you give any clue as to profit split or anything else
In LiquidityCR feed Aug 19 2020 at 08:58
What are the terms of the managed service?
In Raemesh feed Oct 19 2019 at 01:24
Clearly not verified, happy to send you my MT4 report so you can compare, but Signal Start don't banish an account for making too much money, it was fraud and to be honest if they had really made a % return of many millions why would they bother selling their trades?
In Raemesh feed Oct 18 2019 at 02:28
They have been removed because it is a pure fraud, if you serach down you will see my comments, and then they blocked me. I was copying using samer broker and leverage and trades did not match.
In panmi feed Oct 17 2019 at 02:50
Signal Start have refunded my fee and it looks like they have been removed from Signal Start, but still on MyFxbook, showing a hilarious 4 million % return. Impressive that despite being billionaires and managing persoanl sums clearly greater than any broker could cope with they are still working.
In panmi feed Oct 13 2019 at 10:29
i have the copy set to 100% so everything should match but it does not, they do not display the losing trades i do, no other answer but fraud and as they have blocked me on Myfxbook and refuse to respond, after 4 days i can see no other answrer. Think their goal is to get money into direct management as they mentioned, then it vanishes. Crooks.
In panmi feed Oct 13 2019 at 10:25
And why do you need free money if you have already made/manage billions as they claim, another $195 is meaningless and weird
In panmi feed Oct 13 2019 at 10:22
quite, free money but a fraud, signal start have offered a refund, but that is not enough they need to close down frauds, if we cannot believe 100% what we see on sinal start then there is no point using the service.
In panmi feed Oct 11 2019 at 07:19
to be honest, if they have made over 1,000,000% why would they sell the trades for $195 a month? who would need the hassle?