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in watchme feed Aug 16 2013 at 07:22
Before you speak, please think! After you found the holy grail in Forex, the only thing to talk about is Cheap, Fast, Secure WITHDRAWALS. Are you at the level I am talking at? Aren't you sick and tired talking about strategies? I AM!
in watchme feed Aug 16 2013 at 07:22
Forex for me is a method to make or lose money conveniently by sitting on your computer in your underpants. It's not the safest way but it can be quick. Money is closely related to anyone. Heck, many don't tell their siblings or parents how much they have in the personal bank. Neither do I, but I want to change that, within my lifetime if God permits. Forex trading can be a breeze in the park or a war-zone, depending on your knowledge and experience with it. War-zone means you are literally sweating in your air-conditioned room and breeze means sound asleep with trades running. I prefer micro lots than demo any day, so I have been burnt before. Hopefully all that is sacrificed was for learning lessons which are worth it.