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Posts by xperts

in midasama feed Dec 23 2019 at 07:52
******* All 6 accounts BLOWN **********!!!!!!!
in midasama feed Dec 23 2019 at 07:52
All 6 accounts blown!!!!!!!
in allisonmagic feed Jul 18 2018 at 07:06
Assar V10 is EA that blows accounts and the team behind it are very rude in their conduct and totally unprofessional. Avoid this EA unless you have money to donate to the market.. Be Warned
in camrob79 feed Jul 15 2018 at 09:59
No REAL Account results?
in Markhamilton feed Feb 10 2017 at 10:48
Glad to hear that sir, all the best. Which broker are you using it on and do you have a MFB account from where we can monitor it's performance from an independent person other than the seller?
in Markhamilton feed Feb 03 2017 at 07:58
Hi, which broker are you using? Can you put on your MFB profile with its performance so we can see your results please.
in EinsteinTrader feed Feb 01 2017 at 07:40
It seems to do much much better in Demo accounts, how I wish we could withdraw Demo money!!!!
in FrederickConnor feed Jan 29 2017 at 07:51
Can the robot not work on any of the regulated brokers as you results are from shady scammer brokers??
in Markhamilton feed Jan 24 2017 at 08:12
There is a lot written about the EA/Robot in, read and make your conclusion
in Markhamilton feed Jan 23 2017 at 13:42
Ok, thanks, you say the EA does not Arbitrage or do short-term Scalping which are forbidden with Brokers,, so how do you explain trades that are 1sec, 2sec like the vast majority of them are, they are really very very short term.