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Currency Converter USD to CAD

1 US Dollar = 1.270 Canadian Dollar
1 Canadian Dollar = 0.78733 US Dollar
Convert USD to CAD
5 USD 6.35 CAD
10 USD 12.70 CAD
25 USD 31.75 CAD
50 USD 63.51 CAD
100 USD 127.01 CAD
500 USD 635.06 CAD
1,000 USD 1,270.11 CAD
5,000 USD 6,350.55 CAD
10,000 USD 12,701.10 CAD
50,000 USD 63,505.50 CAD
Convert CAD to USD
5 CAD 3.94 USD
10 CAD 7.87 USD
25 CAD 19.68 USD
50 CAD 39.37 USD
100 CAD 78.73 USD
500 CAD 393.67 USD
1,000 CAD 787.33 USD
5,000 CAD 3,936.67 USD
10,000 CAD 7,873.33 USD
50,000 CAD 39,366.67 USD
Convert USD to Majors
118.032 USD to EUR Euro Euro
118.032 USD to GBP British Pound British Pound
118.032 USD to JPY Japanese Yen Japanese Yen
118.032 USD to CHF Swiss Franc Swiss Franc
118.032 USD to CAD Canadian Dollar Canadian Dollar
118.032 USD to AUD Australian Dollar Australian Dollar
118.032 USD to NZD New Zealand Dollar New Zealand Dollar
Convert CAD to Majors
149.91 CAD to USD US Dollar US Dollar
149.91 CAD to EUR Euro Euro
149.91 CAD to GBP British Pound British Pound
149.91 CAD to JPY Japanese Yen Japanese Yen
149.91 CAD to CHF Swiss Franc Swiss Franc
149.91 CAD to AUD Australian Dollar Australian Dollar
149.91 CAD to NZD New Zealand Dollar New Zealand Dollar

What is Currency Exchange?

A currency exchange is when you convert a currency to another. Usually each country has its own currency and if for example you’re buying an item with a different currency or traveling to a country with a different currency than you, this would require an exchange of currencies where you sell your currency and buy another (this would usually require a conversion fee) through a financial institution.

What is the purpose of a currency converter?

A currency converter is a useful tool to quickly convert between different foreign currencies, for example Euros to US Dollars. Using our calculator will do a live currency conversion with the current exchange rates.

How to convert a currency to another?

If you are converting Euros to US Dollars, you would need to know the current exchange rate. Take for example the current value of 1.19 - this would mean that 1 Euro is equal to 1.19 US Dollars. This can be applied for any amount by just multiplying the conversion value. Moreover, you can convert it the other way around, ie US Dollars to Euro by inverting the conversion value: 1/1.19=0.84 which means that 1 US Dollar is equal to 0.84 Euro.

Where can I find forex historical data?

If you’re looking for historical forex exchange rates, you can find it in our market section, by clicking the desired symbol and scrolling down to the historical data link:

EURUSD Forex History Data

Our forex historical data includes open, high, low and close values as well as change in pips and percent. You could even narrow down your search using the included time fiter.