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EURAUD,D1 Chart Discussion

pain1993 Jun 10 2019 at 01:38
Reach temporary zone. If candle continue going upper trend, ignore this pair first and wait for the news to come
pain1993 Jun 03 2019 at 06:18
Waiting for a breakout, after breakout, wait for 1 more candlestick for confirmation
pain1993 Jun 03 2019 at 06:18
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pain1993 May 30 2019 at 06:20
Sell Entry Mapping for EURAUD.. the sell zone is your entry and the blue line is your take profit level...In case the candle reversal at Temporary Zone and then reverse back to the lowest level of Sell Zone and breakout, that's mean a higher chance of can make entry on sell zone and In case the candle reverse back to the Temporary Zone, wait for the candle to reverse back to sell zone and doing a breakout, Hope it helps ;)
pain1993 May 30 2019 at 05:24
EURAUD Sell for a long run ?