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USDCAD,M30 Chart Discussion

Asapsinaly Sep 12 at 20:11
For this upcoming week, price seems to be continuing the uptrend. On the daily chart a rejection candle was formed on Friday price has rejected the 1.26 level and most likely pushing to 1.28. This can be backed on the chart with price following the trend line, the 200MA used as support and the formation of 2 full bullish candles.
Asapsinaly Sep 12 at 20:12
Asapsinaly Jul 30 at 09:07
On the weekly chart This chart has broken the 1.25 level and i believe it is going to test the 1.23. USD seems to have been week these days. DXY couldnt break pass 93, so reversed and dropped passed 92 potentially going for 90 if the Core price index of 7/30/21 arent goof.
Asapsinaly Jul 30 at 20:54
USD seems Weak not week.
Asapsinaly Aug 01 at 06:56
Adding to this. it has broken the trendline and seems to be testing the 200MA as a support (probably becoming a resistance)
Asapsinaly Aug 02 at 06:12