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hassan550 Sep 28 at 05:27
how do you feel??
MaqhaweDlamini Sep 28 at 05:28
Anything can happen but am looking at bulls if we break from the correction
A1351K Oct 08 at 15:53
A1351K Oct 10 at 06:02
daledube14 Sep 02 at 17:58
read the lines in pic i sent you
MaqhaweDlamini Sep 02 at 18:01
okay cool
AlexisJimenez0 Sep 13 at 04:27
donde retrocede?
daledube14 Sep 02 at 17:55 tp 1832 take TP wait for pullback then buy again to 1850
MaqhaweDlamini Sep 02 at 17:57
pull back to where?
A1351K Oct 08 at 15:52
daledube14 Sep 02 at 17:53
hi all..long time no chat
daledube14 Aug 15 at 09:50
After some pullback next target 1850. Den sell for major profits... Hold your sell if you can afford it with enough leverage and margin
propulsivus Aug 16 at 08:03
i hope it is going down to 1200 by the end of year
jslimcfa Aug 19 at 17:36
Thanks for the comment
propulsivus Aug 20 at 08:33
You are welcome
daledube14 Aug 13 at 02:49
Have to change gold to buy position now.... trend I was expecting didn't just broke down wards den pulled back up buy in morning for now
daledube14 Aug 12 at 12:00
And Bitcoin to drop to 49,000
daledube14 Aug 12 at 12:00
daledube14 Aug 12 at 12:01
Proh Aug 13 at 05:03
Not yet Bru wethu, like you said short 1750...TP 1715 maybe?
daledube14 Aug 12 at 11:57
Boom 1750 TP sell to 1680... moving to as it drops
propulsivus Aug 12 at 12:37
and then 1200
MohsenRastegari Oct 04 at 21:49
why you belive GOLD will drop to 1680?
daledube14 Aug 12 at 09:48
To 1750 for now...1hr showing divergence and over bought in 4hr
daledube14 Aug 12 at 09:43
It actually touch four days ago support 1783 area and selling now..I in sell at 1755.65 now
daledube14 Aug 11 at 16:53
Making all trades reverse
daledube14 Aug 11 at 16:52
However if cross 1854 then uptrend to 1780
daledube14 Aug 11 at 16:38
Should fall .. bounce on 1850.... still in consolidate
Proh Aug 12 at 08:03
I like it majit...reverve to 1735?
Andrea Mary
EmilyTruce Oct 17 at 01:51
Hi do you have bitcoins and you want to multiply your BTC through Bitcoin mining without sending coins to anyone?
towelly031 Aug 11 at 16:30
Any thoughts on gold do you think it will reach new lows
towelly031 Aug 09 at 15:50
do you think gold will contuinue to fall?
daledube14 Aug 09 at 15:57
Not soon...deh will announce it when it going to happen...FED'S BOSTIC: US NEEDS TO BE WELL BEYOND CRISIS BEFORE RAISING RATES
9 August 2021, 18:18 comment made
towelly031 Aug 09 at 15:57
oh so you think a decrease in valu euntil then
Maqhawe Aug 04 at 11:39
News coming out soon lets trade with caution
daledube14 Aug 02 at 04:09
I also on buy now on 4 hr chart
MaqhaweDlamini Aug 02 at 04:11
let see what it does
Nathaniel Aug 01 at 18:48
Why someone trying to be like me for
sammarjoram Jul 22 at 11:05
What is gold looking to do today please?
MaqhaweDlamini Jul 25 at 18:35
Eish uyasho? ... benzima Kuleviki igold
fravindojnr Jul 25 at 18:51
yh thats right gold is gonna retrace down first to pick liquidity before it impulses upwards.
Maqhawe Jul 21 at 10:03
Lets look for buys on gold
MaqhaweDlamini Jul 22 at 16:41
how are you ... just log on now
fravindojnr Jul 25 at 18:52
overall bias is up
SalemB Jul 19 at 08:24
Bonjour d'autres avis ?
MaqhaweDlamini Jul 21 at 11:05
am gonna look for buys
RohanJangid Jul 28 at 06:48
buy buy buy
testmebro1337 Jul 18 at 07:24
Testing the feature
daledube14 Jul 17 at 11:11
WS in d sell from day one.
testmebro1337 Jul 17 at 10:19
Testing the feature
testmebro1337 Jul 17 at 10:17
Testing the feature
Maqhawe Jul 16 at 12:31
good news on the dollar we go down
Maqhawe Jul 16 at 11:35
use trailing stop loss and manage thetrade
daledube14 Jul 16 at 11:33
Came all the way back to my sell... still holding
MaqhaweDlamini Jul 16 at 11:34
keep holding man
Maqhawe Jul 15 at 10:02
price is finding difficulty to continue
propulsivus Jul 15 at 10:40
as expected
ChoiceGlobal Jul 15 at 13:58
next stop will be 1848
propulsivus Jul 15 at 14:14
if it bounce of 1820
daledube14 Jul 14 at 11:49
Going against the odds.. selling to 1780.. just my opinion... good luck