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Gold vs US Dollar H4 Live Forex Chart

XAUUSD,H4 Chart By MaqhaweDlamini

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eliasceballos Jun 22 at 12:54
como ven al oro para fin de año?
ShellbornAllex Jun 13 at 16:22
Anyone please help me
ShellbornAllex Jun 13 at 16:22
I need help I've been losing on trades since ever I started trading...
mohammadkn Jun 22 at 09:05
mee too
SamAlgo Jun 11 at 02:22
short scalp waiting for the gab down, maybe I'll swing if the price shows more aggressive to the downside again because on daily it seems the highest point of corrections, and it's a correction until proven otherwise.
el professor
el professor Jun 09 at 15:39
1838 was the last Demand I hope to see a reversal up towards 1856, if not 1830 is the next Demand.
enockmhaka Jun 08 at 09:47
its in consolidation ,
nelsondinah May 07 at 22:40
Buy long term.? I like it
kenchan4091 May 06 at 08:55
AndreaMontuoso May 03 at 19:48
che bisogna fare?
JihadFX Apr 30 at 20:02
reason buy (QM LEVEL)
JihadFX Apr 30 at 20:01
buy until 1956 (LH)
goldman213 Apr 22 at 03:46
besttime Apr 22 at 02:26
what next?
yussuf007 Apr 18 at 12:49
CAMARILLA Apr 10 at 08:35
You can now use the Flash rush Ea for trading with greatest exit logic can PM me with your emails or telegrammmm for how to get
aratiShrestha Apr 07 at 14:33
should i buy or sell
besttime Apr 22 at 02:25
what next?
NinjaAlgoBox Apr 23 at 16:07
MaximeFRECHET Apr 04 at 03:16
@Maqhawe What's your view for the gold this week? do you see it berish? would u sell now?
MaqhaweDlamini Apr 04 at 04:19
yes i would say find a good entry now we bearish on Gold
Touraj Ostovari
TorajOstovari Apr 07 at 14:35
it is buy time sell is wrong
CAMARILLA Apr 11 at 14:11
@felixflokan is my telegram ,you can get the flash EA and test it and customize it for gold or any currency.
fenderusa2003 Mar 30 at 15:10
ty for the charting your one of the best ive seen .
MaqhaweDlamini Mar 30 at 15:37
Thanks bro
AnasAzmi Mar 24 at 13:36
hey buddy can you please help for the next sell opportuniy level. i would really appriciate
MaqhaweDlamini Mar 24 at 15:07
I believe arounf 1992.124 2004.320 2008.08 even 2040.00 migth be levels but weigth for the structure to be bearish first
Aaron Countee
Aaron Countee Mar 14 at 09:38
That's why I make half-million in 6 months and they still have these little baby accounts and get mad when they lose $500. LOL
Aaron Countee
Aaron Countee Mar 14 at 09:36
After all of the nagging female-like traders complain about my signals that is still standing by the way, I sit back waiting for my target to hit. Such impatient people. I BANK will they Stank! LOL They Talking shit as I make my money roll in.
ANTENO HARPA Mar 13 at 19:18
Bearish to 1922
MassineFX Mar 10 at 17:57
same trade , i got in at 1973 , if we got a close above 2040 this week i think we will see 2100 soon .
Maqhawe Mar 09 at 08:13
I would appreciate if you guys would stop fighting and share some knowledge
Aaron Countee
FaintToasted Mar 09 at 08:18
Exactly! Thank you!
Aaron Countee
FaintToasted Mar 11 at 05:49
As price drops he still talk shit.
Aaron Countee
Aaron Countee Mar 09 at 08:06
MOre meat on the bone than last time. Yummy.. .I love these pullbacks. Didn't pass 1W high of 2081, 1W Double Top not broken. Bearish Butterfly just formed. Short

Open 2032

Stop 2086

TP1 1922
TP2 1830.7
TP3 1765.58

Aaron Countee
Aaron Countee Mar 04 at 22:00
Won't pass 1980.. won't even pass the previous high.
Aaron Countee
FaintToasted Mar 11 at 05:47
While I am in 20 different trades at once this guy wants to argue about Gold. Fuck Gold.. get money.
hustlingfx Mar 20 at 20:49
I want to see it down to the key level 1908 make a double bottom or rejected I will go for buy to next zone, if she break the key level retest I will continue looking for sell
Aaron Countee
Aaron Countee Feb 26 at 04:08
If you would stop chasing and trading like a beginner you would not have lost money.. I told you BEARISH.
aswathy kesavan
aswathy kesavan Feb 20 at 04:20
gold 1918 next
Aaron Countee
Aaron Countee Feb 15 at 23:35
Gold Short 🔴
Bearish Max Gartley

Open 1857.159

Stop 1867.575

Target 1786.839

Potential gain


RR Ratio 6.75
mvdancel Feb 10 at 23:43
sell ?