A broad rise or decline in the prices that consumers pay for a typical basket of commodities is measured by the inflation rate in Brazil. Food and beverages (which account for 26% of the total weight), transportation (18%), housing (15%), health care (12%), and personal expenses (11%) are the most significant categories of the index. Clothing contributes for 6% of the total, education accounts for 5%, household items account for 4%, and communication accounts for 4%. Data is collected in the metropolitan areas of São  Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, Belo Horizonte, Porto Alegre, Belem, Fortaleza, Recife, Salvador, Curitiba, Goiania and Brasi­lia.

A higher than expected figure should be seen as positive (bullish) for the BRL while a lower than expected figure should be seen as negative (bearish) for the BRL.

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