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Colombia is a key supplier of oil and coal to the world (accounting for 59% of overall exports). Colombia also exports other items such as chemicals and chemical-associated items (5.1% of total exports), and gold (5%). The most important imports are machinery and transport equipment (which account for 39% of overall imports), manufactured goods (which account for 22%), chemicals (17%), and fuel and mineral lubricants (which account for 10%).  The United States (which accounts for 36% of total exports and 39% of total imports) and China (6% of exports and 16% of imports) are the two most important trading partners. Mexico, Spain, and Venezuela are among other trading partners of Colombia.

A higher than expected figure should be seen as positive (bullish) for the COP while a lower than expected figure should be seen as negative (bearish) for the COP.

Source: Dane, Colombia
Category:  Balance of Trade
Units: Billion
Impact: Low
Currency: COP
Latest Release
Previous: -$1B
Consensus: -$1.1B
Actual: -$0.6B
Next Release
Date: Oct 19, 15:00
Time left: 15 days