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In Hong Kong, the economy is dominated by exports, with re-exports accounting for 99% of all shipments. Electrical machinery, apparatus, and appliances, which account for 36% of overall shipments, are among the most important exports. In addition to telecommunications and sound equipment (20%), office and automatic data processing devices (10%), miscellaneous manufactured products (5%), and nonmetallic mineral manufactures (5%). China (40% of total exports), the United States (8%), Vietnam (6%), Singapore (5%), Taiwan, and Macau are the top five export destinations.

A higher than expected figure should be seen as positive (bullish) for the HKD while a lower than expected figure should be seen as negative (bearish) for the HKD.

Category:  Exports YoY
Units: Percent
Impact: Low
Currency: HKD
Latest Release
Previous: -1.5%
Consensus: -21.6%
Actual: -13%
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Date: Jun 27, 08:30
Time left: 21 days