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Thailand as an export-oriented economy is especially vulnerable to foreign economic shocks, which diminish demand for Thai products and so alter the trade balance. Electronics, cars, machinery, and equipment are Thailand's most important exports. The majority of the country's imports are petroleum, electrical devices, and machinery appliances. Japan (which accounts for 10% of total exports and 20% of total imports) and China (12 percent of total exports and 15 percent of total imports) are the primary largest market partners. Other countries include the European Union, the United States, and Malaysia.

A higher than expected figure should be seen as positive (bullish) for the THB while a lower than expected figure should be seen as negative (bearish) for the THB.

Category:  Balance of Trade
Units: Billion
Impact: Medium
Currency: THB
Latest Release
Previous: $2.72B
Consensus: -$0.45B
Actual: -$1.47B
Next Release
Date: Jun 23, 03:30
Time left: 15 days

Forex Sentiment (THB)

Symbol Community Trend (Shorts vs Longs) Symbol Popularity Avg. Short Price /
Distance From Price
Avg. Long Price /
Distance From Price
Current Price
-4437 pips
+517 pips
Symbol Action Percentage Volume Positions
USDTHB Short 4% 2.38 lots 5
Long 96% 63.04 lots 66
0% of traders are currently trading USDTHB.