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Thailand entrepreneurs' expectations concerning current business performance, orders, employment, production, costs, and investment are measured by the Business Sentiment Index (BSI). The poll is conducted on a sample of approximately 1500 businesses. The surveys are distributed during the last week of the previous month and the results are collated by the third week of the following month. It is calculated for each of the variables measured how many times they received positive, negative, and neutral responses, and the final index is presented as a sum of the positive percentages with half of the neutral percentage. The BEI reading above 50 implies that business sentiment has increased, while readings below 50 suggest that business confidence has deteriorated.

A higher than expected figure should be seen as positive (bullish) for the THB while a lower than expected figure should be seen as negative (bearish) for the THB.

Category:  Business Confidence
Units: Points
Impact: Low
Currency: THB
Latest Release
Previous: 49.3
Consensus: 49.2
Actual: 48.9
Next Release
Date: Oct 04, 07:30
Time left: 2 days
Consensus: 49

Forex Sentiment (THB)

Symbol Community Trend (Shorts vs Longs) Symbol Popularity Avg. Short Price /
Distance From Price
Avg. Long Price /
Distance From Price
Current Price
+1198 pips
-591 pips
Symbol Action Percentage Volume Positions
USDTHB Short 1% 0.58 lots 2
Long 99% 110.00 lots 110
0% of traders are currently trading USDTHB.