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In terms of imports, Thailand mostly imports raw materials and intermediary products (around 56% of total imports). Fuel contributes for 19% of the total, parts of electronic equipment account for 11%, base metal materials account for 9%, and chemicals account for 5.5%. 25% of overall imports are made up of machinery, equipment, and supplies such as computers and mechanical equipment, while the remaining 8% is made up of consumer items. Japan is the most important import partner accounts for 20% of overall imports, followed by China (15%) and the European Union (8%). The United Arab Emirates, Malaysia, and the United States are among the other commercial partners.

A higher than expected figure should be seen as positive (bullish) for the THB while a lower than expected figure should be seen as negative (bearish) for the THB.

Category:  Imports YoY
Units: Percent
Impact: Low
Currency: THB
Latest Release
Previous: -7.1%
Consensus: -4.95%
Actual: -7.3%
Next Release
Date: Jun 23, 05:30
Time left: 15 days

Forex Sentiment (THB)

Symbol Community Trend (Shorts vs Longs) Symbol Popularity Avg. Short Price /
Distance From Price
Avg. Long Price /
Distance From Price
Current Price
-4397 pips
+1286 pips
Symbol Action Percentage Volume Positions
USDTHB Short 25% 2.38 lots 5
Long 75% 7.04 lots 10
0% of traders are currently trading USDTHB.