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Midaz Deo

Gain : +11694.54%
Drawdown 9.83%
Pips: 5075.1
Transactions 552
Type: Réel
Levier: 1:100
Trading: Manuel

Discussion Midaz Deo

Nicolas (inversion)
Aug 22 2019 at 00:34
posts 1
Hello, how do I connect to your signal?

Josa (josa26)
Aug 22 2019 at 22:28
posts 5
🙄🙄history is private 🙄..sure it keeps deposit to keep a low drawdown maybe its just a cent account

Sep 02 2019 at 20:12
posts 33
i only ask those who say that they are profiting from this E.A, They are not getting profits out of thin air?
obviously if they are getting profits then they must have stats to show for this, its only logical.

but looks like you dont care about logic, Good luck to you too, try to live an honest life and dont sell yourself for pennies.

Sep 19 2019 at 05:23
posts 12
Good DD

Sep 20 2019 at 09:34
posts 2
why all is hidden? Good results, but please open history and other, thanks

Sep 25 2019 at 06:04
posts 5
After seeing the registered date of those saying good things about this EA and the one who says it doesn't work, will make you go hmmmm?????

Sep 25 2019 at 22:00
posts 5
I'm not selling so why should i advertise?

Oh and look here, another one of your's??? Pruton Capital


antylossgrid posted:
maakuone posted:
caveat emptor


@maakuone Another Smelly envious troll!
Show me at least one of your accounts, which would have lived a year.
Maxim what you can do is earn 20% and then drain everything

Oct 03 2019 at 13:09
posts 2
There is no data in the webpage. Do I follow you and invest because you have a beautiful name?😲

Oct 05 2019 at 10:28
posts 246
millerserg77 posted:
Very good system EA.

I set up 5 currency pairs for myself.
For 10 days I received + 42% with a maximum drawdown of 10% (broker IcMarkets).
I am very satisfied. Good profit.

It's not true. Show your results?


Fichiers joints:

Oct 05 2019 at 11:05
posts 246
millerserg77 posted:
Soon it will be fully verified and publicly available.

I see only image and an unverified account.

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