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The fear of losing opportunity
In 一般 by MichaelEX - 4時間前
There's one golden investment rule that you should always keep in mind: Never invest money that you can't afford to lose. This rule will help you to overcome the fear of losing opportunity and...
What should be the risk percentage?
In 一般 by MichaelEX - 4時間前
The risk-reward ratio measures how much your potential profit is, for every dollar you risk. If you have a risk-reward ratio of 1:3, it means you’re risking $1 to make $3.
Common mistakes
In 一般 by Georgegiffen43 - 4時間前
I think one should first focus more on making strategies in the starting rather than investing vigorously in the market. Also, this can also be a reason that they are not aware about the market.
money manage and leverage
In 初心者向け by Sarjohn - 4時間前
The two important concepts of forex money management is leverage and margin, Leverage allows traders to invest much more than available into their trading account whereas margin is the real amount tha...
ECN with and without commissions.
In 初心者向け by Kees_Lars - 6時間前
[quote]Mathewshayden posted: Yes, I’m too insecure to use an unregulated broker.[/quote] Ofcourse and who won't be?
Not a good idea to follow many pairs
In 一般 by Kees_Lars - 6時間前
If one can handle so many pairs that's up to him. However, in my view, trading with 2-3 pairs are enough.
Best time frame to trade
In 一般 by downtown - 6時間前
I prefer to trade with "1D" aka Daily timeframe. Found it helpful with indicators that I have been using.
Community outlook data scraping
In プログラミング by shahinkaz - 6時間前
Hi, I am trying to get community outlook data, sending minute by minute requests, using JSON. It works once and I am getting an error in the next minute's try. Here are the code and the error, has...
What is fast forex scalping?
In 一般 by Ericdier752 - 6時間前
I am new to trading. About to initiate scalping. Is there a thing called quick scalping? What do you recommend?
In トレーディングシステム by Kissana - 6時間前
Sniper stregies ; Auto lot calculator ; Profit 1000% for year ;
Experienced trader
In 経験豊富なトレーダー by robindude - 6時間前
I am having hard time trying to understand what are you saying. Starting you are talking about how experienced traders started off as an inexperienced traders which is true, and then you are talking a...
There is no easy way of learning
In 一般 by robindude - 6時間前
[quote]Michihito posted: There is no easy way of learning. Learning is not like a school exam where you can pass the exam by following short cut. Trading is a skill. You have to learn it properly. How...
Unlimited lot size of broker
In 経験豊富なトレーダー by Jude_craig - 7時間前
[quote]Hoooba14 posted: AAFX has 1,000 lots and FBS are 500 lots, both ECN and STP Brokers[/quote] I see, how much did you start with?Also, are you using any of these brokers personally?
ECN + Metatrader 4 or 5 platform
In 経験豊富なトレーダー by Jude_craig - 7時間前
[quote]sailingconsist posted: A lot of brokers offer these platforms. You can also look into Acttrader for a change. Seems like a good platform.[/quote] Well isn't that a little complex to use? I ...
To shine in forex
In 一般 by Jude_craig - 7時間前
[quote]blackChelsea posted: I think the key note for investments in forex is to remain patient. And with proper knowledge of the forex market you can grab decent profits. For this you have to remain c...
Indicators are useful but
In 一般 by Jude_craig - 7時間前
[quote]blackChelsea posted: Well, everything has its own importance. I must say, we should make a strategy by using both indicators and charts. Solely analyzing charts without indicators may fail your...
Portfolio page to display total balance, profit an...
In ご意見ご感想 by stevewood - 8時間前
I like the idea of creating multiple portfolios at one place. Very good suggestion.
Summary per magic no
In ご意見ご感想 by ramirokeller - 8時間前
That is a good suggestion. I hope they consider it. Good luck.
Stats update
In 一般 by jaspertan - 8時間前
Have you tried writing to them? They’ll help you better if you contact them I guess.
In トレーディングシステム by ramirokeller - 9時間前
Your profit looks great. Your strategy seems to be working well for such amazing results.