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What is copytrading like as a signal provider? In General by Tuxedo888 - Jan 28 at 23:05
Well , why don't you put you strategy on you profile page to start with.So we can see if your worth following.
Sequence In Trading Systems by Tuxedo888 - Jan 28 at 17:04
The Sequence Strategy is consistent.
help me fund my trading account In New Traders by takatso - Jan 28 at 15:30
i don't have capital to start trading a new trader i have read several books and practiced on demo accounts for a solid 7 months now but have no money to start trading .i have tried those non deposit bonus schemes but i have found them to be scams.
Saturn In Trading Systems by VishalMewada - Jan 28 at 12:18
Hi ,Which Saturn bot is this?
Mt4-393641 In Trading Systems by AmmarAlAzzawi - Jan 28 at 09:41
im an smc trader / signal provider i trade via smart money concept and have my own algorithmic trading , i trade very strict risk management with minimal stoplosses on manual trades but mainly trade algorithm aiming to make between 10-15% a month
EURUSD Analysis and Forecast In Experienced Traders by Frano - Jan 28 at 09:19
EURUSD Analysis Today 28.1.2023 - Week Ahead Forecast Analysis Today 28.1.2023 - Week Ahead Forecast
get only a certain symbol's data from Communit... In Programming by mcClelland657 - Jan 28 at 05:51
HelloIn the Configuration window, select the Connect a File or Database dropdown. Designer displays the Data connections window.Try this may be help you all the best. otherwise visit us for more information
ALGUIEN CONOCE TURBO?? QUE DIFERENCIA TIENE CON CF... In General by RachelReeves - Jan 28 at 05:41
30 to 40 percentHow much horsepower does a turbocharger add? A turbo can boost an engine's horsepower by 30 to 40 percent or approximately 70 to 150 HP.
Good broker is needed In General by davesper - Jan 27 at 21:02
So far, the best option I have ever worked with is a broker from Amarkets. During my time with this company, I have only positive feedback.
Traders will do well to keep in mind In General by davesper - Jan 27 at 21:01
A trader is generally an extremely difficult profession. Especially when you consider that you need to keep a lot of information in mind.
How do you handle different cycles with opposite t... In General by davesper - Jan 27 at 20:58
There is a lot in trading against the background of “I have such a point of view” and, most importantly, “based on analysis”. These are concepts that I would generally consider one of the main ones, because a lot is based on this.
can someone please help fund my trading account ..... In General by takatso - Jan 27 at 20:21
can someone please help fund my trading account ... please i need your help
ea robot trading In Trading Systems by Earealtime - Jan 27 at 18:06
Pour plus d'informations sur ce nouveau robot :📢 Pour rappel, vous pouvez constater par vous-mêmes que notre robot utilise aucune stratégie dangereuse.⚠️ Il n’utilise pas de Martingale ✅ Monotrade uniquement--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------...
90% are loser ..why ? In New Traders by Ester - Jan 27 at 17:28
Because they are trying to trade on their own, rather than using the services of a professional manager.
EA PROS FOR FREE In Strategies by elesins - Jan 27 at 17:21
Update for 2023: I 100% recommend this robot, all you have to do is choose the right size of lots and that's it. Result from the last 3 months + $21000!!! You are the best!!!
Munyaradzi Masendeke In Trading Systems by MunyaTaffex - Jan 27 at 15:39
Was testing strategy now time for business
PAMM DISTRIBUZIONE ITALIA In Trading Systems by nazarius666 - Jan 27 at 14:39
avoid cheating people, be honest and show the hidden things I asked you .... the rest is smoke ;-)evita di fregare la gente, fai la persona onesta e fai vedere le cose nascoste che ti ho resto è fumo ;-)
Looking for Broker In New Traders by Investfox - Jan 27 at 14:07
investfox in-depth review states that OctaFX has decent scores in the majority of aspects, but significantly lacks in Safety and Security. investfox experts are saying that the broker should improve its safety features in order to attract a vast number of people. However, you will come across a lot of useful information in their educational de...
Forex Broker Recommendations? In New Traders by Investfox - Jan 27 at 14:06
investfox in-depth review states that Interactive Broker has best scores in the majority of aspects, especially in Safety and Security. Accoridng to investfox rating methodology, every broker should ensure safety features in order to attract a vast number of people. You can always check out their thorough and 100% honest reviews on the investf...
AAAFx In Brokers by almarose - Jan 27 at 13:12
Think I made a right choice signing up with aaafx, as I wanted to trade on low commission and this broker has a $3/RT for forex trading. Overall, this is good broker with great trading conditions.