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When to stop. In General by RobertFerrari - 16 hours ago
I agree with you.
Stop Loss Importance In General by RobertFerrari - 16 hours ago
It helps a trader to reduce their loss.
Without skills trading In General by RobertFerrari - 17 hours ago
Yes. to make a good amount of money, you need proper knowledge and skills.
STRIKEPRO In Brokers by bustsulukae - 17 hours ago
very good , strikepro is the best broker
Pending order executed far below price? In New Traders by skihav - 17 hours ago
Indeed, to make a profit in this way, you need to have enough experience.
Why demo is easy? In General by skihav - 17 hours ago
I would not consider a demo account a simple option for work. Rather, on the contrary, it is an opportunity to closely learn the work of a trader.
For trading you do not need In General by skihav - 17 hours ago
The main thing that a trader shouldn't do is to be too emotional. This is really something to look out for.
Newbie ans strategy In New Traders by skihav - 17 hours ago
It is best for a beginner to choose the strategy with the lowest risk. As for me, this is the safest option.
How long on a demo account In New Traders by skihav - 17 hours ago
When I started working with a broker from Amarkets, I studied on a demo account for about two months. In principle, this period is quite enough to get the desired result.
which target ? In New Traders by skihav - 17 hours ago
It is always better to set the goal higher. In this way, the trader will always have the desire to become even better in order to achieve the set goal.
volofinance-btc master In Trading Systems by G_CooperFX - 19 hours ago
Very good support and profitable algorithm EA.
VoloFinance-Master EA In Strategies by G_CooperFX - 19 hours ago
My backtest
volofinance-gold master In Trading Systems by G_CooperFX - 19 hours ago
I just got EA with no problem,all the necessary settings and instructions were provided for me.thanks
Alpha Technology Holding Limited 3 In Trading Systems by YuryTakminev77 - 22 hours ago
It seems you are just jealous and trolling this EA, or show us your real trade in this EA.
Fxview In Brokers by GoingLong - 22 hours ago
Been using them for about 6 months and haven't faced any troubles. Spreads are very good.
Lite Finance In Brokers by EAExplorer - 22 hours ago
Litefinance has 1 stop shop for all clients doing Manual trading, EA and Copy Trading. So far among other brokers that I have used this has a very user friendly website.
Aximtarde In Brokers by Sergey - 23 hours ago
Повелся на бездепозитный бонус. ОБнаружил еще много необычного. Большое кредитное плечё до 3000, есть даже счет с не ограниченным кредитным плечём. Много криптоактивов, можно трговать в среднесрок, очень удобно. НЕплохой сервис копирования, всё доступно и понятно. Пока претензий нет, посмотрим.
INFiNiTY MAM (1) In Trading Systems by Michael TGiM - Yesterday at 10:22
@zinex11 sorry sir, but honestly I'm am not here to teach any strategies, to sell golden EA's, signals or to give you some magic tips or tricks on how to trade and be consistent in this complicated business. In fact, is all about hard work, passion and 100% dedication. Also one of my main focus is to develop better skills & incorp...
Your most successful trade In New Traders by Maveswyn - Yesterday at 07:50
The most successful trade of mine was when I entered the position with the highest leverage provided by my broker. I put not so much money but due to leverage I managed to earn 100$. Actually, I don't advice traders to follow my example, because it won't lead to something positive. My case was just the luck. However, traders shouldn...
Post Why should you as a trader pay attention to i... In New Traders by Thetafyn - Yesterday at 07:31
The changes of interest rates are directly affect the price of particular assets. Mainly, it concerns all the assets, but cryptocurrency isn't so affected by the changes of interest rates. When you have a growing market, the upgrade of interest rate can easily turn bullish trend into bearish one just for couple of hours. A lots of traders ...