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Forex News

Feb 01 at 17:15
1 ieraksti
where is the best place to get your forex news?
Suradi (FXOday)
Feb 01 at 22:16
470 ieraksti
Personally, I like to visit, then fxtreet, then dailyfx, sometimes read forexfactory economic calendar. However the good source I think is Bloomberg and Reuters, unfortunately, Bloomberg is not free.
Feb 02 at 10:37
17 ieraksti
I love the calendar provided by the forex factory. It has been my go to from the very first day of my trading journey. It is a very reliable source.
Adam (Glossy)
Feb 02 at 20:25
18 ieraksti
A good broker always provides news on his website for review.
Chan (8christianpaul8)
Feb 03 at 03:25
120 ieraksti
Forex factory and Myfxbook provide the best economic calendar. You won't go wrong checking any of the two.
Trading is a marathon, not a sprint.
Feb 09 at 06:46
26 ieraksti
I prefer websites such as Forex Factory, DailyFX and FXStreet to check forex specific news and analysis.
Feb 10 at 10:33
3 ieraksti
I'd check for some news and tips there.
Suradi (FXOday)
Feb 12 at 22:32
470 ieraksti
There are various resources for reading news forex, I like to reading news on investing and sometimes Reuters and FXOpen blogs. The news only helps if we can understand the impaction
Feb 13 at 07:50
16 ieraksti
Usually I check from the broker that I am trading with (they have news section) and I sometimes check out investing, forexfactory, and even here in myfxbook
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