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Vārds 8christianpaul8

I started trading Philippine stocks and then I switched to Forex trading because it allows 24/5 trading via automated trading. I'm really passionate about trading in general and currently does coaching to beginners for them to learn trading as well. I want others to experience the good benefits of Forex trading.

All of my live accounts are added to:

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Discretionary trading / Algorithmic (EA) trading

Trading is a marathon, not a sprint.

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Systems by 8christianpaul8

Vārds Pieaugums Kritums (Drawdown) Pipi Tirdzniecība Kredīta plecs Tips
Average Joe Demo 171.43% 43.79% 24323.5 Automatizētā 1:500 Demo
GreenTrader 66.27% 24.13% 7564.7 Automatizētā 1:500 Demo
Comeback BB 83.13% 22.64% 6164.4 Automatizētā 1:500 Demo
BBv3 2.16% 10.58% 619.9 Automatizētā 1:500 Demo
ComebackBBv2 9.83% 10.05% 1276.7 Automatizētā 1:500 Demo

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