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Is trading hard?

Jan 17 at 13:20
658 ieraksti
As for me, trading is a really difficult job. At the very least, this type of work requires training and a certain level of knowledge.

Jan 20 at 20:06
19 ieraksti
I would say not at all actually. Some traders believe that trading is the hardest activity they have to face, however it's not like that. Indubitably, that trading activity, as well as any other activities, is considered to be tough, but you can easily master it i ncase you will learn properly and practice properly as well.
The matter here is how we relate to trading and how we perceive it. If we will think that it's hard, then perhaps it will be hard for us. I got used to think that this is just an ordinary activity with its own peculiarities, which requires special attitude. There is nothing surprising or astonishing basically.

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