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Is trading hard?

Jan 17 at 13:20
939 posts
As for me, trading is a really difficult job. At the very least, this type of work requires training and a certain level of knowledge.
Jan 20 at 20:06
19 posts
I would say not at all actually. Some traders believe that trading is the hardest activity they have to face, however it's not like that. Indubitably, that trading activity, as well as any other activities, is considered to be tough, but you can easily master it i ncase you will learn properly and practice properly as well.
The matter here is how we relate to trading and how we perceive it. If we will think that it's hard, then perhaps it will be hard for us. I got used to think that this is just an ordinary activity with its own peculiarities, which requires special attitude. There is nothing surprising or astonishing basically.
Feb 08 at 07:55
32 posts
Forex trading is an exciting and profitable business. If you have a proper money management plan and good knowledge about the forex market, it is easy to succeed. Don’t overburden yourself and try to take little steps. It doesn’t matter how long it takes to learn, the only thing that matters is that it can help you a lot in the long term.
Feb 08 at 10:45
132 posts
trading can be very hard if you dont know how to manage money when trading in practically . so be cageful.
Feb 08 at 13:37
939 posts
I think so. In general, trading requires considerable training and understanding of the work process. Only after that it is possible to say something about the process of work as a whole.
Feb 08 at 14:35
801 posts
Definitely yes. However, learning also takes time and effort.
Feb 09 at 07:14
25 posts
Forex trading is hard since the market is risky but your knowledge and skills can definitely help you to gain profits.
Feb 09 at 08:03
19 posts
Yeah can say it is hard because trading demands hello lot of knowledge of charts and major events that an affect the price movements of the pairs.
Feb 10 at 04:36
46 posts
True! Forex trading is hard and can be extremely volatile. More than 95% of the traders lose in the forex market. Mostly, it is because of greed and lack of proper trading psychology. It is like any other profession where you get better with practice.
Feb 10 at 08:08
23 posts
No doubt, forex tradng is hard to learn. As a trader what you can do is- study the trends, follow a strategy and practice daily to have control over the trading process.
Seb King (sebking1986)
Feb 10 at 10:47
507 posts
Yes and no. There is a lot to learn but once applied well trading is actually quite simple. What is really hard is controlling our own desire to interfere.
If you can't spot the liquidity then you are the liquidity.
Feb 10 at 11:24
132 posts
trading is really hard when you have very poor risk management and you dont know how to manage emotions.
Feb 14 at 08:06
28 posts
Forex trading is indeed hard but that does not mean that it is impossible to trade successfully. A trader must gain the required trading skills and enough knowledge and learning which will definitely help to make trading easy.
Feb 14 at 12:53
801 posts
As for me, trading is a rather difficult option for work. At the very least, it is important to understand that this really requires some attention.
Feb 16 at 08:47
258 posts
Leaning from own trading mistake is the best practice! But, we should try to complete our main learning process in the beginning stage of trading!
Feb 16 at 14:33
801 posts
Definitely yes. Other than that, trading requires a lot of training to be ready to go.
Suradi (FXOday)
Feb 17 at 02:26
360 posts
Trading forex is not easy, profit and loss always occurs in trading, but there are a trader that able to generate a high return in forex trading, which he succeeded to making profit more than 1000%nin contest trading FTC 2021 and win the prize,
Feb 17 at 10:59
564 posts
UweMoench posted:
Of course trading is hard. Trading is a high rewarding work. High reward doesn't come easily. A person needs deep knowledge and understanding of the market to be profitable. He also needs very strong mind set.
Of course, Forex trading is one of the most challenging professions in this world! Here, more than 95% traders are the uncle to make consistent money! But don’t lose your hope if you are newcomer here, just focus on your learning process & practice sincerely in your demo account!
Feb 17 at 11:01
176 posts
In my opinion, it is very important when we start our forex trading business that we make our experience good in the market and that we work in the market with learning and that we do not use trading without good knowledge and experience, and I believe that by working hard in the market and giving time to it, we can make good trading decisions and make good profits on the forex market.
Feb 17 at 14:12
939 posts
I am generally surprised when they say that trading is easy. Most often, the result of the work of such traders are losses.
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